Developing, Etching, Rinsing, Stripping

Developing and Etching of one- and double-sided printed circuit boards, Stripping of printed circuit boards

Following the phototechnical PCB process, the exposed PCB is further processed in a developing and etching process. This process step is supported by specially designed systems for single- or double-sided PCBs. The modularly designed systems enable fast processing of PCBs in spray-etching and development processes or foam-etching and continuous spray-etching processes. In addition, they offer the optimum prerequisite for a high-quality printed circuit board image. Special fixtures enable the processing of different PCB materials in the manual or vertical method of the process. The systems are available as floor-standing or table units and are compactly designed to include all process steps of developing, etching and rinsing (optionally stripping) in one unit.

Foam etching and continous developing units

Laboratory bench units and floor-standing units are used for developing, etching and rinsing in the foam etching and continuous development process. The small units are ideal for processing both printed circuit boards and etched parts in laboratories, schools and institutes for creating professional sample sheets and prototypes.

Ministar   Etching-CenterV200
Ministar   Etching Center V

Spray etching and spray developing units

Modular designed spray developing and spray etching units with rinsing device are used for the production of single or double sided printed circuit boards or form etched parts. The systems are available as manually controlled systems or as vertical continuous systems. The novel rotation spray systems produce a particularly uniform and intensive treatment of the entire surface.

Optionally, the units can be equipped with a stripping module and dryer.

Etching Center S   Vertical continous system Convert 2300/2400