PCB Production Technology

Machines for the production of PCBs

The demand for increasingly fine and complex structures, smallest components and flexible materials in PCB production requires a fast and flexible implementation of new technologies with high-quality machines and systems. The product range of Walter Lemmen GmbH is optimally aligned with the entire manufacturing process for the production of high-quality PCBs. This enables both complex structures and fine PCB line and space to be covered on different base materials.

The product range of Walter Lemmen GmbH covers machines for structuring, surface treatment and through-hole plating of printed circuit boards to machines for surface coating of single- and double-sided printed circuit boards, form etched parts and multilayers. The product range is complemented by the implementation of environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies. This includes integrated rinsing technologies, regeneration systems to reduce chemical consumption, filter technologies and water treatment plants as well as electrolysis cells for the complete recovery of precious metals from the rinsing water. Therefore, a high degree of security, the reduction of environmental pollution and a reduced consumption of raw materials, chemicals, energy and water can be ensured.

PCB technologies:

  • One and double sided PCBs
  • Through hole plated PCBs
  • Multilayer
  • RF circuit boards
  • LTCC-Ceramic
  • MID-Wafer Technology
  • HDI Micro via Technology
  • Flex and Flex-rigid Board Technology
  • Thick Copper Board Technology
  • Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS-Board Technology)
  • Structuring of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and aluminium front panels and labels


PCB materials:

  • Photo-coated base material FR4 / FR2 / CEM1 / PTFE
  • Photo-plated SMD stencil sheets
  • Base material for special applications
  • Front panel material ALUCOREX
  • Flexible Substrates
  • Rigid-Flex Substrates